Unlike you may have heard, lobbying is vital for democracy and political decision-making.

Lobbyists are key sources of expert knowledge and analysis for politicians and decision- makers. The same works in the other direction; Lobbyists ensure that companies and communities know how political decision-making works.

Mutual accountability

Lobbyists ensure that other lobbyists do not work as they please. Lobbyists also follow that political decision-making and decision-makers themselves act as they intend to act.

Consesus grows

Professional lobbyists follow the rules and laws. They look after that other lobbyists are doing the same. Lobbyists are vital when topics divide decision makers or the people in camps with conflicting interests. Lobbyists help the parties find common ground for continuing discussions.

Different perspectives

The world does not need less lobbying. There is a need to bring in the skills, tools and opportunities associated with lobbying to reach different groups. Different perspectives are needed. It is in the interests of political decision-making and of all of us.

Management, experts, 

Lobster is a tool for all influencers. We have discussed with both pulibc affairs managers and policy experts about their needs. The needs of the management have not been forgotten either.

All in one service

Tool for management

Stay up-to-date with your organisation's actions and keep track of your metrics. At a glance, get a clear picture of upcoming and past stakeholder meetings, as well as the topics and background memos of the meetings.

Tool for experts

Design, track, and report on long- term and ad-hoc lobbying projects in one place. Enhance your team's internal communications and coordinate work with other teams. Lobster helps to avoid duplication of work.

Tool for lobbyists

Stay up to date with all of your organisation's lobbying projects and stakeholder meetings. Design plans and projects for your entire organisation. Know which stakeholders and when people from your organisation have met and are meeting.

Standardised process and tools.

Identify, plan and map your goals to focus on the issues and policies relevant to you. Save time and get the results through better coordination of efforts.

Visualized Influencer Networks.

At the core of lobbying are connections. Which focus groups do people belong? Who should you talk? Who has the ear of the person you are reaching?

Up-to-date analyses.

In-depth analyses and background reports, created by you, accessible realtime by your team or your customers.

Tools of the Trade.

Lobster helps focus on the essential.


The various tools in Lobster are part of the overall process control. For example, you will receive up-to-date information on key influencers and organizations and government projects. You can also plan and monitor strategic themes and projects.

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