Improved timeline

Improved timeline

We just updated the timeline shown on many Lobster objects. The new version makes it much easier to have a quick overview of all lobbying activities for your organisation.

Relevant events, actions and TODOs are shown on a timeline. In order for a TODO to be shown it needs to have a set deadline, then it will be shown on the date of it’s deadline. When a TODO is completed it is now hidden from the timeline. This makes the timeline much less cluttered when a TODO is converted to an action and marked done at the same time.

Each timeline has two formats, a small summary and a full version. The summary has maximum 5 or 10 items on it depending on the location. Actions, TODOs and events around today are chosen for the compact version, incomplete TODOs are shown as a reminder until they are completed. The full version lists all activities relevant to the current object.

Theme and project timelines

The project timeline makes it easy to have a quick overview on all activities on a project. On theme level the timeline aggregates activities of all projects under the theme in a single view.

Stakeholder timeline

For stakeholders timeline enables you to quickly check for example when your organisation has last met with a stakeholder. You can also take a loot at timeline for stakeholders in your own organisation, all activities they are responsible for are also shown on their personal timelines.

Organisation timeline

Organisations also now have a timeline. Activities for all stakeholders in an organisation are aggregated on the organisation timeline. This makes it easy to have a quick overview on everything that’s going on with a single organisation.

Timeline report

In reports you can find a full timeline for everything that’s going on in your organisation. This includes all actions, events and incomplete TODOs with deadline. This report also has an option to filter it based on time.


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