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Lobster is a monitoring and stakeholder management tool for Public Affairs Professionals. With Lobster your team saves valuable time and resources and will focus on the work that truly matters.

Reach goals with better coordination

Stay up-to-date with political monitoring

Improve efficiency with modern tools


Your team deserves state-of-the-art Public Affairs tools to thrive

Equipped with an accurate view of the political environment, a clear vision of the goals, and improved coordination, your team finds the most effective paths for maximum impact.

Lobster documents every action towards successful policy change and the growth of your political reach while illuminating which approaches work and which don’t. 


Work smarter with Lobster and focus on the work that truly matters.


Lobster is built for teamwork to ensure better coordination of your organisation’s efforts. Lobster’s standardised lobbying process helps your team efficiently plan activity on the issues and policies relevant to you.


Stay up-to-date with minimal effort. We track stakeholder profiles, political newsfeeds, legislative process, parliamentary questions and votes, even tweets. When a topic important arises, you’ll be first to know.


Centralised stakeholder management not only mitigates GDPR risks, but also ensures that your team has access to the latest and most accurate stakeholder information. Being GDPR compliant was never so easy.

Private, safe and works seamlessly with the tools your team already uses.

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Getting Started Guide

Though Lobster is easy to use, getting familiar with a few basic concepts will help you get started. Check out our online guide for quick tips and best practices.


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Designed by Lobbyists for Lobbyists

Lobster was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced lobbyists and veterans in digital service design. We decided to join forces to build a modern digital tool designed especially for lobbying teams. At Lobster, it is our mission to democratise lobbying. We believe that the quality of public decision making improves, when all the different parties can have their opinions heard. The world needs more lobbying.

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    The Transparency Register is Coming – Is Your Organisation Ready?

    Starting from 2024, Finland will be the first Nordic country to establish a statutory transparency register. The law applies to organisations and persons professionally engaged in lobbying and its advice. It applies to national-level lobbying, meaning the parliament and the ministries. Transparency register was part of the Government Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin. The…

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  • Introducing Pinning to Timelines

    Introducing Pinning to Timelines

    How are your team’s lobbying actions related to what goes on in the world around you? And how are the stakeholders reacting to your lobbying efforts? Lobster now allows pinning news, tweets, and links to other online resources on project timelines to build a full picture of what is going on. Pinning is easy and…

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  • Bring Your Political Monitoring into the Digital Era

    Bring Your Political Monitoring into the Digital Era

    Political information is scattered to thousands of different sources and documents. Twitter discussions, political newsfeeds, stakeholder activity, legislative projects, votes, and parliamentary questions… Manually tracking all the relevant information can eat up your working hours. Lobster provides a powerful window to political information We monitor automatically the activity of the political stakeholders and organisations in…

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