Why Lobster?

Our up-to-date stakeholder data and lobbying tools are a powerful combination. With Lobster your team saves valuable time and resources and can focus on the things that truly matter.

Stakeholder Data

Empower your team with Lobster's data - a comprehensive set of up-to-date information of politicians, their advisors and assistants. This saves your team’s valuable time.

Effective Teamwork

Always know what's going on. Get a clear picture of upcoming and past stakeholder meetings, as well as the topics and background memos of the meetings - at a glance.

Track Progress

Set goals to your lobbying projects and measure their success. Metrics driven approach helps you learn which approach has been effective.


Relevant information
 wherever, safely.

When needed.

Going to an appointment and need information? You will find all the essential information in Lobster.

Designed for collaboration.

Teams? Slack? Outlook? Drive? Lobster works seamlessly with the other tools used in your organisation.


All of your projects and information in one cloud service, in correspondence with GDPR.

Lobster Dashboard

Designed by Lobbyists for Lobbyists

Standardised Process and Tools

Identify, plan and map your goals to focus on the issues and policies relevant to you. Save time and get results with better coordination of efforts.

Visualized Influencer Networks

Connections are at the core of lobbying. Which networks do people belong to? Who should you talk to? Who already knows the stakeholder you need to reach?

Attitude Mapping

Where do relevant stakeholders stand on issues important to you? Lobster's visual attitude mapping helps your team see the full picture and focus action to where it is needed.

Timeline of All Actions

See all past and future actions at a glance. Lobster always shows you the relevant timeline in context, be it the whole organisation, a stakeholder or a lobbying project.

Easy Access to Resources

Link in-depth analyses and background reports to relevant context from your Drive. Always have the latest resources at your fingertips.

Lobby Register Ready

Besides being GDPR compliant, we are already predared for the coming of lobby register. Access both reports with one push of a button.

Lobster Blog

Lobster Blog
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About us

Lobster was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced lobbyists and veterans in digital service design. We decided to join forces to build a modern digital tool designed especially for lobbying teams.
At Lobster, we want to democratize lobbying. We believe that the quality of public decision making improves, when all the different parties can have their opinions heard.
The world needs more lobbying.

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