Getting Started with Lobster

Lobster transforms the way organizations do Public Affairs by bringing people together to work as one unified team. Though Lobster is easy to use, getting familiar with a few basic concepts will help you get started.

Quick Tips for Getting Started

If you are new to Lobster, start here to learn the basics and set up your Lobster profile.
Guide to First Steps in Lobster
Guide for Lobster Admins

How to Add Your Organisation’s Advocacy Work to Lobster

The Advocacy view, which can be found on the top menu, is where all of your lobbying operations reside in Lobster. The operations are organised into themes and projects.

Themes are broad, strategic areas of lobbying at the core of your organisation. They are used to create a logical structure for listing the lobbying projects associated with them.
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Projects are where most of the work happens. This is where you plan, coordinate, and track the progress of your lobbying campaigns. All actions, such as stakeholder contacts, are reported as part of at least one project. Projects are also used for Transparency Register’s reporting.
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TODOs, or task lists, help Lobster users to plan projects and quickly delegate tasks among team members. 
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Actions will become familiar to Lobster users. Actions are stakeholder meetings, events, campaigns, and other project-related meetings.
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Goals allow you to track the progress of your projects in Lobster. Our intention with project goals is to help our customers to learn and ultimately improve the efficiency of their activities.
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The Data

Lobster’s Search is the key to finding the relevant data and adding it to your projects, TODO’s and actions.
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Lobster’s data contains several thousand stakeholders’ key information. Now all this information is in your use, with just a few clicks, saving valuable work time for the actual planning of your project. 
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Your organisation’s own data can be added to your organisation’s Lobster. As each organisation’s Lobster is a strictly separate and sandboxed entity, any data you add to Lobster will be visible only to users in your organisation.

GDPR Audit is a tool for Lobster admins. Use this tool to ensure that your organisation’s local data stays GDPR compliant.
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Lobster’s Data Monitoring tools

Political information is in constant change. With Lobster’s automated tracking, it is now easier to keep an eye on any topics relevant to your work in a fast, simple and effective way.
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Other Features

Pinning content to project timelines is a great way to show how your team’s lobbying actions related to what goes on in the world around you. Lobster allows pinning news, tweets, and links to other online resources on project timelines to build a full picture of what is going on.
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