Navigating Transparency: SuomiAreena 2024 and the New Finnish Lobbying Laws

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Welcome to SuomiAreena 2024, where lively discussions on politics, culture, and societal issues meet the summer days of Pori. This year, there’s an exciting twist: it’s the first SuomiAreena happening under the new Finnish Transparency Register law. We’re stepping into a new era of transparency in lobbying, and trust us, it’s more straightforward than it sounds.

What’s the Fuss About the New Transparency Register Law?

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just too busy with life), Finland has rolled out its Transparency Register law. This law requires that government-level lobbying activities are documented and reported. The aim? To ensure that interactions between lobbyists and policymakers are transparent, increase the visibility of political decision-makers’ activities, and make it easier for citizens to follow political dialogues.

SuomiAreena, with its mix of open panels, intimate discussions, and spontaneous networking opportunities, is the perfect place to show how easy it is to comply with the new law. Thanks to some clever tech, documenting your stakeholder meetings is now a piece of cake.

Meet Lobster: Your New Best Friend in Compliance

No, we’re not talking about seafood. Lobster’s Quick Reporting Form is designed to make compliance with the Transparency Register as easy as pie. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee with a policymaker or deep in debate with a stakeholder, documenting your interactions takes less than a minute.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Lobster Quick Report on Your Phone: That’s right, it’s mobile-friendly because who wants to lug a laptop around in Pori’s summer sun?
  2. Add the Stakeholder Profile: This is very quick as most of the stakeholders have profiles in Lobster’s data. Just type in the name of the person you met and add their profile to the form.
  3. Add the Topics Discussed: Renewable energy? Healthcare reform? Just pick the topics from your organization’s advocacy agenda.

That’s it. Now just submit the meeting and you are done. So guide your team to create a direct link to the Lobster quick report form on their phones. This way, meetings under the transparency register can be easily reported on the go.

Quick report URL:
Instructions: iPhone & Android

Why Use Lobster Quick Report?

  • Speed: Reporting a contact genuinely takes less than a minute.
  • Simplicity: The interface is easy, meaning you don’t need a PhD in bureaucracy to use it.
  • Efficiency: When your meetings are documented in Lobster, reporting to the transparency register will require a lot less effort.

SuomiAreena has always been about forward-thinking and open discussions. The new Transparency Register law fits right in, promoting trust and clarity in all interactions. With Lobster’s Quick Report, you can spend more time enjoying SuomiAreena and less time worrying about compliance.


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