Bring Your Political Monitoring into the Digital Era

Political information is scattered to thousands of different sources and documents. Twitter discussions, political newsfeeds, stakeholder activity, legislative projects, votes, and parliamentary questions… Manually tracking all the relevant information can eat up your working hours.

Lobster provides a powerful window to political information

We monitor automatically the activity of the political stakeholders and organisations in our data and all other data sources your team may have added.

And best of all, you can customise the monitoring to suit your exact needs. This cuts through the noise and gets only results from topics and stakeholders relevant to your work. When a relevant topic surfaces, you’ll be the first to know.

So how does it work?

Setting up monitoring is simple. Just search a keyword relevant to your work and see what kind of results pop up. If the results look relevant, activate automated monitoring with one click. 

Next time something surfaces on this topic, you’ll be immediately notified. 

By default, all notifications will be delivered to you by email, but they will also appear on Lobster’s notification menu. And naturally, you can customise this to suit your needs from the monitoring settings.

We are expanding the monitoring to cover more ground

We currently cover Twitter, newsfeeds, and legislative projects. Later this year we’ll be expanding the monitoring to votes and parliamentary questions.

Monitoring should not be rocket science. Work smart and let Lobster do the hard work.


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