Practices of several organisations have been taken into account when designing and building Lobster. There are similarities between the different ways of operations, and these similarities form the basis of the process in Lobster.

The backbone of Lobster’s process, Themes, Projects, TODOs and Actions, give a clear structure for the process. At the same time, it provides flexibility to facilitate different operating models. Therefore, also ad hoc projects fit right in despite the hurry usually related to ad hoc situations.

As Lobster provides a suitable structure for lobbying, it is easy to return to any given project or collaboration with a stakeholder.


Themes are broader, strategic lobbying goal or set of concrete lobbying projects. Themes consist of one or more projects as well as ways for tracking and metrics. Themes help senior management to monitor the overall progress of lobbying.

Read more about Theme and how to create one.


Compared to a Theme, Project has a more concrete goal and it typically has a beginning and a planned end. Project is always linked to a Theme.

The progress of a Project is monitored with the help of TODOs and Actions. In addition, Lobster users can monitor the attitudes of key stakeholders connected to the Project.

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TODOs or task lists are designed to help Lobster users to plan their work related to different Projects. Each TODO is, therefore, connected to a Project helping to structure the progress of each project.

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Actions will become familiar to users of Lobster. Both Actions and TODOs are the basis for projects. Action always has a user in charge and Actions can be stakeholder meetings events, campaigns and other project-related meetings.

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