Master data: Organisations

Lobster’s Master Data contains several thousand stakeholders key information. Now all this information is in your use, with just a few clicks, saving valuable work time for actual planning of your project.

In Lobster’s Master data, alongside stakeholders there are organizations to which influencers are attached. Thede organisations are mainly governmental institutions such as Parliament, Ministries and governmental agencies. Non-governmental organizations included are e.g. parties and major cities.

The information about any given organisation includes necessary information as address, email and phone number. Links to social media accounts, as well as a brief description of the organisation’s tasks and goals, give Lobster users background information to build further analyses.

Organisations may have internal sub-organisations. For example, Parliament has committees and ministries have their departments. Each organisation also has an organisational chart either as a picture or automatically generated by Lobster.

Each member of parliament is affiliated a party, parliamentary group and the committee of which he or she acts. Ministries’ and commission’ employees are always attached to a sub-organization of their ministry, the department where the official mainly works.

When adding a new stakeholder, he or she will be assigned one main organisation that will appear with the name of the stakeholder. An influencer may be associated with more than one organisation, and they will appear as active positions in the influencer profile.



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